Commander Shepard

Hero of the Reaper War


Name: Linda Shepard
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Spectre
Affiliations: Systems Alliance, Citadel Council, Cerberus (former)
Status: KIA (Body unrecovered)


Of all the heroes of the Reaper War, perhaps of any war in recorded history, none have accomplished more or are so universally revered as Commander Linda Shepard.

Born on Mindoir to a farming family, when Shepard was 16 she watched all of her friends and family killed or captured when the colony was attacked by Batarian slavers. She managed to hide from the pirates, and was picked up by an alliance patrol investigating the distress signal several days later. Though she was sent to an orphanage on an Alliance colony further from the Terminus Systems, Shepard enlisted in the Allaince Military on her eighteenth birthday, grateful to the Alliance for saving her life and wanting to give back by devoting it to helping others. After graduating from the academy for Alliance command, she was sent to the colony on Elysium in the Skyllian Verge and placed in charge of the garrison there. It was only a year into her post that a massive force of raiders, pirates, and mercenaries attacked the colony in what would later be known as the Skyllian Blitz. Shepard rallied the colonists against the invaders, and when enemy forces broke through the colony’s defenses, she single-handedly held them off and sealed the breach. For her bravery and service in successful defense of the colony, he was rewarded with the Star of Terra and widely regarded throughout the Alliance as a true hero.

It wasn’t long after the Skyllian Blitz that Shepard was recalled from Elysium to be pulled for a fateful mission as an officer on board a new top of the line ship on what was purportedly a routine patrol of the Terminus Systems. That mission shaped Shepard’s future, and that of the entire galaxy. It was the mission to Eden Prime.

Unbeknownst to Shepard, she was being considered to be the first human to be enlisted as a Spectre, a group of elite agents working directly for the Citadel Council. On the mission to Eden Prime, she was to help in recovering an ancient Prothean artifact and return it to the Citadel. Instead, she found Saren, another Spectre who had gone rogue and was out to bring destruction to the Citadel. She happened upon Saren by chance, and was later tasked to bring the rogue Spectre to justice when his crime was proven.

She gathered a crew of skilled people from many different races in her hunt to bring Saren down, and in doing so she eventually determined his true motive – to bring an army of ancient and immensely powerful machines, known only as Reapers, to the galaxy in order to bring it to destruction. He served their interests in the hopes that they would allow him and his followers to live, better to live in service than to face oblivion. Shepard disagreed, and eventually defeated Saren in the midst of his daring attack on the Citadel at the head of a massive Geth fleet. During the attack, not only did Shepard kill Saren, considered until then the best Spectre agent that had ever lived, but also managed to save the council and organize the destruction of Saren’s flagship, Sovreign, which was in truth a Reaper itself.

Named thereafter the Hero of the Citadel, Shepard’s career was almost destroyed upon her death at the hands of an unidentified ship while on a patrol searching for further Geth outposts. Luckily for the galactic community, fate had other designs.

Cerberus, a pro-human organization that had long been dabbling in extremely dangerous medical and genetic experiments, managed to recover Shepard’s body and enacted the Lazarus Project. For two years Cerberus threw tremendous resources into bringing Shepard back to life, and eventually they succeeded.

Commander Shepard

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